4 Reasons You Should Train to Run a Mile

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato or a dedicated treadmill warrior, the thought of running a full mile may cause you to feel some worry. But you shouldn’t shy away from the challenge just because it feels beyond your physical limitations. Instead, consider these reasons you should ...

Top 5 Tips for Yoga Beginners

In today’s world, everyone is looking for new and improved ways to stay healthy. There are plenty of fads, both proven and some not. Many people take supplements to help them fill gaps in their diet. (You might want to check out a site like Review Critic to discover how well your supplements may ...

Say R.I.P to these 5 Outmoded Training Ideas!

If you’ve been training for a while, the likelihood is that you’ve followed a few ridiculous fitness fads or concepts that you’re not too proud of. While the concepts on this list might quite meet that criteria, following them could be what’s stopping you from reaching your full potential,  whether ...

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