Strength Training: Undulated Periodization

Periodization has been performed for years by bodybuilders, and usually it's the Matveyev Linear method that's used by bodybuilders and athletes. But what if I told you there was an even better periodization program to improve performance and muscle gains? Follow on for Strength Training: Undulated ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Sergio Oliva

Bodybuilding has progressed immensely since the 1960's and 70's Golden Era. Many bodybuilders made a huge impact at this time and contributed to raising the popularity of this sport. One of these figures was 3 time Mr Olympia champion, the legendary Sergio Oliva. Known as “The Myth” in  the ...

10 Benefits and Tips for Squats

Barbell squats are without question the king of all leg exercises, they're highly productive with a long list of strength and health benefits. Here is a list of 10 Benefits and Tips for Squats combined with informative training facts about this powerful exercise. 1) Squats aren't just for ...

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