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I recently had the pleasure of attending a  Skinny Rebel Workout session, a branch of Train Dirty London which run boot camps and other fitness classes. As Skinny Rebel was branded London’s most extreme workout I was very keen to give it a go.

The sessions are held in the Conrad London Hotel with facilities and atmosphere which are first rate. I felt very at ease and relaxed straight away which made me forget about how tough the workout ahead of me would be. I didn’t quite know what to expect, however I found myself very pleased by the push the workout provided me.

The session itself is a full body, high intensity workout with a personal trainer while wearing an altitude mask. Whilst it might look a little ghastly, like something out of “The Silence of the Lambs”, the actual purpose of the mask is to restrict your oxygen intake, which results in you thinking more than you usually would about your breathing and having more control over it.

The session lasts about 45 minutes, and consists of doing 7 different exercises in one set, then repeating the set 5 times.  This includes a variety of intense exercises -from burpees, to plank ups and bear crawls. My favourite part of the routine was definitely the bear crawls, as it made me realise the weakness I have.

At first I was very worried about using the mask but I soon found that it enabled me to focus on my breathing and on the exercise at hand; meaning that I was not so distracted by its difficulty. The mask helped me push harder and keep on going and I definitely feel that instead of making the high intensity exercises harder it was actually a very good addition to the routine!

I really enjoyed the workout and felt the benefits of doing it afterwards. The session targeted the whole body which made it a solid, effective use of 45 minutes. Since I don’t usually involve HIIT as part of my exercise routine, the session definitely convinced and converted me as to the potential benefits of it; now I do HIIT once a week otherwise my training just doesn’t feel complete.

The personal trainer James who carried out the session with me was really encouraging throughout the whole exercise and was lovely to work with. The session allowed for a lot of progression and is suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner to seasoned HIIT addict looking for something new to stimulate and shake up their training.

I would recommend the Skinny Rebel Workout for anyone with an interest in new fitness challenges, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this session as much as I did!

For more info feel free to check out the Train Dirty London site and their Instagram page!

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  1. Great Review, would love to give this a go. Seems fun

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