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Little Green Juice!

It’s no secret that the latest health trend is to be seen carrying a bottle of something gloriously green. But what exactly is so magnetic about these enchanting potions that attract the likes of Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and other movie stars around the world? Well, cold pressed juices ...

How sugar affects your mental wellbeing

Most of us aren't happy with the way we look. Most of the time we look in the mirror wishing we were thinner but we find it impossible to cut out junk food and sugar that we know is contributing to our body’s issues. Sugar is one of the biggest health problems the world has ever seen but like ...

7 top anti-stress foods

Life has a way of getting the best of us on some days. Whether you’re working too many hours, shuffling your kids all over the place for their activities, taking care of household duties, or dealing with personal or family matters, stress can drain you physically, mentally, emotionally, and ...

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