Medical Marijuana Card: How to Legally Buy it in West Virginia

A Medical Marijuana card, how does that sound to you? Marijuana has been known for its healing and therapeutic properties. Often termed as the “forbidden flower”, this plant possesses remarkable pain-alleviating properties. Marijuana has been used in the ancient civilizations of China. It is recommended as a medicine in Indian Ayurveda, in medieval times African and Arab people used to employ marijuana in medical procedures.

These properties come from over 100 chemicals present in marijuana. These chemicals are called cannabinoids. Two of them are the most effective in treating a range of medical conditions. These two are THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD, cannabidiol.

These two cannabinoids act on some parts of our brain and numb the pain by decreasing our pain perception. After its legalization, a lot of interest from people is being developed for medical marijuana. People having painful health conditions are applying to get a medical marijuana card to get access to medical marijuana products.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana card in West Virginia involves a series of easy steps. These steps are made to ensure that only the patients with qualifying medical conditions can get access to this treatment and get benefits of medical cannabis. Get a medical marijuana card to legally purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary in West Virginia by following these steps.

Check Your Eligibility for a Marijuana Card

Not everyone is eligible to apply for medical marijuana. There are some state requirements you must meet. Before applying for your card, make sure that you are a legal adult, at least 18 years old, if not, your caregiver must be a legal adult. Only the legal residents of West Virginia with proof of residency from the state are eligible for this program. Lastly, you must have an ID card with your photo. You can apply for a card at

Find a Certified Marijuana Doctor

If you meet these required qualifications, then you can book an appointment with a certified marijuana doctor in the state of West Virginia.

Doctor’s Evaluation for Medical Marijuana Card

The doctor will review your medical history and past diagnosis. These doctors or physicians are state-verified practitioners who are trained to analyze and decide whether or not the patients are eligible for marijuana treatment. And after the analysis, they provide you with a written certificate. If you have any of the qualified medical conditions for a medical marijuana card, you can continue with the process.

Register with the State

After this, you’ll have to create an account on the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Program. Fill in all the details about your health history, past diagnosis, and all the medical conditions as well as your identification documents and photo. This information is crucial to continue with your application process. There may also be a small application fee which you’ll have to submit.

Receive Approval

Wait for your approval after you are done with your application process and submit it. You’ll get the notification of your approval via an email or letter from the Department of Health of the state of West Virginia. This is the last step of getting your medicinal marijuana card.

Receive Your Medical Marijuana Card

After you get the notification of approval via an email or letter, the Department of Health and Human Services will send you your West Virginia Medical Marijuana card in the mail which will grant you access to state-approved dispensaries. These dispensaries have medicinal marijuana products which can be available in different forms such as oils, liquids, pills, and patches. They are also available in topical forms such as creams, gels, and ointments.

Visit the Dispensaries

You’ll be now able to obtain marijuana for medicinal use legally from licensed dispensaries across the state using your card. These dispensaries can be present at various locations in the state. They are located indoors and regulated with appropriate safety procedures. The dispensary staff can help you choose the products you need for your medical condition.

If you are a minor, your caregiver can assist you in getting the proper medical marijuana products for your treatment. Caregiver can be your legal guardian or someone appointed by your legal guardian.

Card Renewal

Marijuana for medical use cards usually have an expiration date that patients need to know about. If the card expires, you can renew it by following some simple steps. You can get information about these steps with some online research.

The usage of medical marijuana is promising for many patients living with terminal, painful diseases, and chronic pain. Medical marijuana has therapeutic and pain-alleviating properties that help to soothe the symptoms of these conditions.

The state of Virginia has legalized the use of medical marijuana in treatments. To get medical marijuana products, you have to first apply for a card called the medical marijuana card. Once you get this card, you can easily access medical marijuana products across the state from the state-approved and verified dispensaries.

The procedure of getting a medical marijuana card involves the aforementioned steps and procedures to get a medical marijuana card in West Virginia. The procedure may in different states.

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