Makeup: 7 Tips to Make it Last all Day!

Applying makeup can be a breeze but making it last all day is where it gets tricky. If you have problems with your makeup slipping and sliding off your face, you need to know how to make it sit and stay. Here are some simple, yet effective tips and tricks that you can follow in Makeup: 7 Tips to Make it Last all Day!

1. Cleanse & Prep Your Skin

Before you begin applying any makeup on your face, you should cleanse and prep your skin with a good skincare routine.

Cleansing the skin is important to get rid of any dirt and oil on your skin and it also helps to exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Once your face is freshly cleaned, now is time to add hydration back into the skin with toner and moisturizer.

If you have any skin problems like acne, use a suitable moisturizer so that you do not further irritate your skin. Making sure that your skin is adequately hydrated can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and folds.

2. Use Primer for Your Face & Eyes

If you want your makeup to last longer, you should invest in a good primer for your base makeup and your eye makeup.

Primers allow for a smooth skin surface so that the makeup can apply better and reduce any creasing. Also, primers tend to have a ‘tacky’ texture so that the makeup can stick better and last longer. Do keep in mind that not all primers work for every part of the face. Use a specific primer for your eyes and another specific primer for your face, if you want the product to work properly.

3. Use the Right Products for Your Skin Type

Using the right makeup for your skin type can also affect the makeup’s longevity, so choose the best foundation. It is better to go for an oil-free or matte foundation because an oil-based foundation will not sit well on the skin.

If you have dry skin, just make sure you use toner and moisturize well before applying the foundation to avoid drying out your skin. You can also go for long-wear foundations because the formulas stick to the skin better and will not smudge easily.

Powder foundations could be used for oily skin types, but they have a higher chance of creasing and caking.

4. Use Waterproof & Smudge-Proof Products

Waterproof makeups are also great to use if you want your makeup to last longer. They are formulated to last even against water so they will not smudge as easily as normal makeup, thus making them last longer.

Waterproof types can also work great on oily skin, so they are perfect for hot and humid days. You can get all sorts of waterproofs ones now, including eyeliner and mascara. As for other cosmetic products, you can find smudge-proof lipsticks and lip tints in almost every shade imaginable!

5. Set Your Makeup with Translucent or Loose Powder

You have probably heard of “baking” your face, which is using powder to set your makeup. The idea behind this method is that the powder will absorb any excess oil from your skin so that it will last longer.

This method is typically used to set heavier makeup, but it can also be used when you only have a light layer of foundation. The best type of powder to use for setting is loose translucent powder.

Apply the powder to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, and let it sit for a few minutes before buffing out the excess.

6. Use a Setting Spray after Applying Your Makeup

Once you have done your makeup, the best thing to do to make sure everything stays in place is to use a setting spray.

Not only will this ensure that it will last longer, but it can also make it look better. Most makeup brands, including luxury makeup brands, have their setting spray that works best with their products.

When you apply the setting spray, let it sit and dry for a couple of minutes so that it can stick to the face better and effectively protect your makeup.

7. Blot Your Face & Remove any Excess Oil

Oil on your face can cause your makeup to smudge, so blot your face whenever you feel it getting oily.

You can use blotting paper to blot your face but use gentle movement so that you are not wiping any away. You can also try using a blotting sponge if you are unsure about using blotting papers.

If necessary, you can reapply and touch up your makeup after you have blotted your face. However, besides blotting and reapplying it, try to avoid touching your face when you have your facial cosmetics in place.

What kind of makeup do you like using the most, and how do you keep it on all day? Have you tried the vegan varieties? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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