Healthy Eating isn’t Just About the Salad!

If you think eating healthily equates only with eating salads and vegetables, perish the thought (no pun intended)! This is something I believe most of us have been (perhaps almost unconsciously) 'taught' over the years, which might also make you think that eating healthy is boring and tasteless. I ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Pomegranate!

I’m a big advocate of the Mediterranean diet simply because it’s both nutritious and delicious. Whilst olive oil and tomatoes may spring to mind, pomegranates are also integral to Mediterranean cooking, yet they receive little attention here in the UK. A type of berry, they consist of an inedible ...

5 Top Ways To Spice Up Your Salads!

Gone are the days where a salad equals some limp lettuce and a plain tomato! Salads now come in wide varieties and colours and can include a huge, tasty range of ingredients to keep us motivated to stay healthy. If you're bored of your lunch or just want to try a salad with a difference check out ...

How to Eat Healthily when Dining Out!

OK, so you’ve been exercising, drinking smoothies and trying to cut down on chocolate. You’ve been doing all the right things, gotten yourself into a routine and you feel great. After all, sticking to a routine is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  One night your friends ...

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