Top 5 Hamstring Stretches!

Developing the hamstrings should be a major part of any well-rounded training or health program. A combination of strength and flexibility training is ideal for improving this often neglected area of the body. There is a wide range of different exercises involving dynamic and static stretching but ...

Top 5 CrossFit Exercises!

CrossFit is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy. With sessions lasting up to 30 minutes, it’s a perfect mix of short but intense periods of movement which gets your heart to work hard and your body to sweat. With the aim of enticing you to participate, these exercises are simple yet ...

Top 10 Benefits of Tree Climbing!  

We all grow out of playing make believe and making mud pies but climbing trees is something we should take into our adulthood! Let’s take a leaf out of Tarzan's book here and get our bodies doing a full workout branch by branch. I have both researched professional tree climbing and clambered to the ...

Top 4 Fat Loss Weightlifting Exercises

Weightlifting movements are all about getting the best results in a specific timeframe eg. training 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Albeit minimal in terms of time frame, it's one in which maximum results can be achieved nonetheless if these lifts are all incorporated into your regular routine.  ...

Your Muscles in Motion

  Just think about it for a moment: all the muscles in your body have a job to do, there are no useless muscles!  In order for your muscles to do their job they must travel a specific motion which cannot be changed; for example, the bicep which is located at the humerus bone can only be ...

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