Muscle Building: Top 5 Highest, Vegan Protein Foods!

So, you’re a vegan looking to bulk up? Perhaps you’re looking at the omnivorous bodybuilders chomping down chicken, and guzzling milk and eggs, and thinking "I can’t keep up with them!", but you truly can! Not only do people tend to overestimate how much protein they actually need to build muscle, ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Hazelnuts!

Everyone has a nut that they cannot resist, from pine nuts to the humble peanut, nuts are a fantastic source of natural fats that you cannot get enough of. Hazelnuts are a listed superfood with tons of health benefits as well as an excellent flavour. There are, however, some misconceptions about ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Almonds!

Commonly mistaken as nuts, almonds are actually nutrient-dense seeds which you’ve probably seen nestled in the baking isle next to the cashews and hazelnuts in the supermarket. They can be used in an abundance of dishes from curries to pasta or even to add a sweet crunch to your breakfast cereal. ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts!

The pistachio tree is a small flowering plant which originates mainly from Central Asia. The fruit of the pistachio tree contains a small oval-shaped seed; pistachio nuts, commonly sold in supermarkets and heath food stores. The trees used for commercial harvest are planted in large orchards and ...

Top 5 Nut Butters!

Meet peanut butter’s cool, smart and versatile cousin – nut butter! Peanut butter has long been a cupboard staple, but in recent years a whole host of different nutty spreads have made their way onto mainstream shelves. They are as delicious as they are nutritious and have a wide variety of ...

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