Sandbag Training: Power Cleans

Our next sandbag training article in the series revolves around Power Cleans. We've all seen weightlifters in the Olympics picking up heavy weights from the floor and hoisting them up before holding them overhead. The clean and jerk is one of the two lifts (the snatch is the other) in this sport ...

Sandbag Training: Overhead Press

Our next sandbag training article in the series revolves around the Overhead Press. Whether it's been on a Smith machine, with a barbell, or with kettlebells, just about everyone who trains has done some form of overhead pressing. Unarguably, the overhead press is a first-class compound exercise ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Lenda Murray

The fourth lady to feature in our "Bodybuilding Legends" series is Lenda Murray. She competed in the 1990's when women’s bodybuilding was still increasing in popularity and physiques were nowhere near as extreme as today. Read on and learn about this incredible woman’s bodybuilding story... ...

5 Top Overhead Press Variations!

Seeing a weight pressed overhead is becoming an increasingly rare sight in gyms these days. 5 Top Overhead Press Variations! notes that overhead pressing is hard work and has led to it being quite the underused exercise. The importance of overhead pressing is indisputable however; it features ...

5 Top Shoulder Exercises!

The shoulder girdle has among the most important joints and muscles in the body in order to perform a diverse range of pressing and raising movements. Every upper body movement is assisted by the rotator cuff which forms part of the shoulder. 5 Top Shoulder Exercises presents some exercises that ...

Top 4 Fat Loss Weightlifting Exercises

Weightlifting movements are all about getting the best results in a specific timeframe eg. training 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Albeit minimal in terms of time frame, it's one in which maximum results can be achieved nonetheless if these lifts are all incorporated into your regular routine.  ...

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