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5 Ways to be a Mindful Eater

A huge amount of interest in mindful eating has begun trending in recent research, showing that it can assist with binge eating disorders, weight management and unhealthy food choices - it can even be useful for you in maintaining a normal weight. Being a mindful eater means that you're in the ...

5 Top Keys To Mindfulness!

From our last article you’ll know that being mindful is about being aware of your inner thoughts, not ignoring your feelings and being present in the moment. But how can you actually start being mindful?  5 Top Keys To Mindfulness!  says it's all about mentally slowing down in this stressful, busy ...

What does it mean to be Mindful?

The word 'mindful' has been used so many times in different ways by the media in recent years that it can be tricky to pin down what it really means! What does it mean to be mindful? You’d be forgiven for not really knowing how to explain it because believe me I was the same! Does it mean being ...

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