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10 Top Health Benefits of Ballet!

With people of all age groups now taking to the floor to learn this classic dance style, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to stay fit and socialise. Ballet involves learning a variety of steps with French names and incorporating them into a dance routine to music. But it does a lot more ...

Top 5 Chest Exercises!

The chest is a complex muscle which can be hard to target directly unless using the correct technique. This will usually involve pressing movements that keep your shoulder blades retracted. This helps zero-in on the pecs while ensuring maximum stretch is achieved on the negative part of the rep for ...

EMS Training Review

Healthy ice cream? Free gym membership? Getting fit whilst having a cuppa? Only in a perfect world right? But we all know a washboard six pack doesn’t merely come from kicking back on the couch, unfortunately in the real world it’s not that easy. However things are changing, read our ...

Top 5 Best Must Do Leg Exercises!

Legs are often a neglected muscle group but they comprise over half of your body so it's a good idea to pay yours due respect. Here are our Top 5 best must do leg exercises to hit those naturally powerful quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal and calf muscles of yours! 1. Squats They can either be ...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Yoga

It’s a growing trend that everyone’s talking about and doesn't seem it's going to disappear anytime soon! With so many different styles to explore: Bikram, Ashtanga, Sivananda….it’s no wonder that yoga is becoming increasingly popular. But what about the health benefits of yoga? Here’s a list of ...

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