Holland & Barrett – Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil

Holland & Barrett have joined the coco-loco bandwagon and put out their own brand of this versatile, healthy oil. Prescribing to the YOLO mentality of a true ‘Gen Y’er’, I have taken my duty to review this Coconut oil seriously and delved into all the weird and wonderful uses that this tropical elixir offers. Read on for our review of Holland & Barrett’s Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil!

Ingredients: This little beauty is 100% virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil.

Nutrition: No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, added sugar, sweetener, salt, nothing porcine or yeasty in here. It’s vego, vegan and paleo friendly and although massively calorific provides the good fats that our bodies are easily able to digest and use immediately as a fuel source.

Taste: It not so modestly boasts on its own label ‘great for cooking’, and it’s not wrong. With a smooth, subtle taste of coconut it won’t dominate as a flavour in your cooking. Having used it for baking, as a replica for butter on toast, a dressing for salad and in a stir fry, this oil has earned its stellar reputation for it’s consistency, taste and versatility.  It is smooth, easy to use and a delicious healthy alternative to butter in recipes.

Extra benefits: I have to say that while this oil scored top marks in the kitchen, I’ll be getting a second bottle just for the bathroom. As a moisturiser it far surpasses expectations and results in beautiful, hydrated, soft skin. I guess I had expected to come out looking like some second rate, oiled-up bodybuilder’s podium poser, but in fact it easily absorbs and rivals some of the top Vaseline-esque competitors on the market. It has a really subtle coconut aroma too. For fear of overdoing it and ending up an oily disaster, I applied just a heaped teaspoon all over just before bed, lest it ruin my clothes. In fact it didn’t come off on my duvet at all, but rather sent me to sleep with sweet tropical dreams of pina coladas, waves crashing and sunset walks along the beach…

Value: It is one of the more expensive brands on the market, but I really do think it’s good value for what you get. It’s also on the penny sale, meaning you can buy one and get another for just a penny.

Summary: In case it wasn’t already obvious I absolutely love this stuff; and from the way my dogs have followed me around trying to lick it off my legs, so do they! Be bold and stock up both your pantry and your vanity case and get on board the coco-locomotive with this winning product.

Product Rating: 9/10

If you’d like to find out more about this coconut oil and other good quality health food options from the Holland & Barrett range, do take a look around their website and Facebook page.

Erica De La Harpe

Erica is a lawyer turned health and fitness enthusiast! She lives a diet and fad- free life while emphasizing the virtues of exercise and healthy eating to eliminate stress. She enjoys exploring different ways of cooking to achieve nutritious meals that are easy to make and appealing for the whole family. An avid outdoor explorer, Erica enjoys hiking, surfing, field hockey, Krav Maga and reformer pilates. Having left Australia 10 years ago, Erica has travelled the globe and now lives in London while she creates her practical guide to achieving a healthy and happy life!

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