World’s Strongest Man 2019

The World's Strongest Man competition begins today, June 13th-16th and is taking place in Bradenton, Florida (USA). With three days of qualifying rounds and the final round on Sunday June 16th, it's guaranteed to be a spectacular show. Hafthor Bjornsson will be aiming for his 2nd WSM win and will ...

World’s Strongest Men – Jouko Ahola

This year, we’ve had a few articles on Keep Fit Kingdom which have been about the sport of strongman. With an ever-increasing amount of people participating in this tough and challenging sport, we thought we’d do a section about the World’s Strongest Man winners - perfect for motivating newcomers ...

5 Awesome Strongman Physiques!

Each year, a group of men gather together to show off their superhuman strength to us at the World’s Strongest Man competition. They pull, push, drag and carry weights that are beyond the ability of us ordinary mortals. Recently we had the fascinating task of selecting 5 Awesome Strongman ...

Strongman: My Story – Eddie Hall

Title: Strongman: My Story Author: Eddie Hall Year: 2017 Publisher: Virgin Books Synopsis: Strongman Eddie Hall shares his unique, often jaw-dropping lifetime experience with us on the route to becoming the World’s Strongest Man. Review: The first few chapters of "Strongman" take us ...

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