Top 5 Ways To Treat Achilles Heel!

Achilles tendon injury (also known as Achilles Heel) is most common in both amateur and professional sports and can be quite debilitating. Here are Top 5 Ways To Treat Achilles Heel! which incorporates five simple ways to treat mild, soft tissue injuries. 1. Rest This might sound obvious, but ...

5 Best Ways to Relax your Feet!

Let’s face it, we are almost always on our feet from the moment we get out of bed until the time we shut our eyes! During the day we are either standing, walking or sitting down depending on our job or schedule, sometimes for short or longer periods of time. Now and again your feet deserve a break, ...

5 Top Foods to Ensure Healthy Feet!

Generally when discussing the benefits of optimum nutrition; improvements to cardiovascular health, sports performance or inches off the waistline are often highlighted. However, did you ever think how adopting these changes can also improve the health of your feet? Well read on for our 5 Top Foods ...

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