Top 5 Health Benefits of Camu Camu!

Camu Camu or Myrciaria dubia is a sour cherry-size fruit that grows on small bushy trees on the banks of rivers in South America, particularly in Peru and Brazil and is now cultivated in Japan too. It has been used traditionally for hundreds of years by the Amazonian Indians, as food, pain reliever ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts!

Despite its name, the Brazil nut is in fact the seed produced by the fruit of the Brazil nut tree. Native to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and of course Brasil, its nut tree is one of the largest trees known to grow in the Amazon rainforest and it reaches an average height of 160ft (49m). Brazil nuts are ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Maca!

Maca root, or lepidium meyenii, is a biennial plant (meaning it takes two years to complete its biological lifecycle) hailing from the high altitude regions of Peru and Bolivia. Although a member of the cruciferous family, maca is a root vegetable similar to the radish or turnip family, but grows ...

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