Living with Intention

Yoga is in the top 10 complementary and alternative approaches for therapy used by adults. It has been shown to reduce stress, depression and anxiety and has been proven to improve physical fitness, strength and flexibility. As Inger Burnett-Zeigler in the video below states; 21 million people in ...

5 Top Reasons To Keep up Your Yoga Practice!

I practice yoga daily, it’s a choice I made a while ago, it’s my one non-negotiable every day.  It’s my chance to shut everything else out and to be present on my mat. I’m often asked why I practice yoga over other sports and activities so what follows are my 5 Top Reasons To Keep up Your Yoga ...

5 Top Keys To Mindfulness!

From our last article you’ll know that being mindful is about being aware of your inner thoughts, not ignoring your feelings and being present in the moment. But how can you actually start being mindful?  5 Top Keys To Mindfulness!  says it's all about mentally slowing down in this stressful, busy ...

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