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Vegan Daily: What I Eat in a Day!

The burning question anyone following a vegan diet is frequently faced with sounds something like, ‘you’re vegan…so what can you eat?’ The truth is of course, that options are abundant. Read on for more in Vegan Daily: What I Eat in a Day! Vegan Breakfast Arguably the best meal of the day. At no ...

Top 5 Health Reasons To Go Vegan!

Veganism consists of a plant-based diet which rules out all animal products including by-products of animals, such as eggs and dairy. When you first learn about what a Vegan diet is, it seems somewhat extreme so why are we seeing a huge vegan movement across the globe? Are the health benefits ...

5 Top Buys from the ‘Free From’ Allergy Show!

If you’re in the loop about the top foodie events that are happening in the UK this year you probably bought a ticket to the Allergy Show that took place last weekend in London, 8th -10th of July. The Allergy Show is the largest of its kind in Europe showcasing hundreds of free-from brands all the ...

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