Cashew Nuts
Top 5 Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts!

The tropical cashew tree is an evergreen plant responsible for the production of the cashew seed, the lesser known cashew fruit and is native to the Amazon forests of Brazil. The majority of cashew nuts are produced commercially in India, Vietnam and Africa. The cashew fruit, known as the cashew ...

Rude Health – Snack Bars

"Eat right, stay brilliant" is the Rude Health motto who have celebrated their 10th anniversary recently and what they've achieved in those years is pretty outstanding. Starting with creating yummy muesli cereals in their kitchen to now creating exciting and innovative food products such as the ...

The Primal Pantry – Paleo Bars

The Primal Pantry tribe first evolved in February 2014 when founder and nutritionist Suzie Walker had perfected her Paleo Bars that she first created late 2013. The Primal Pantry was born and a mission for a real food revolution had begun. The clean eating bars were initially made at home by Suzie ...

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