Undulated Periodization

Periodization has been performed for years by bodybuilders but usually the Matveyev Linear periodization is the most popular amongst bodybuilders and athletes but what if I told you there was an even better periodization program to improve performance and muscle gains? We are talking here about Undulated Periodization!

Undulated Periodization or varied repetition training is the program that sends strength gains through the roof and increases muscle growth in as little as 12 weeks. Undulated Periodization is similar to Y3T training as every week it uses different repetition ranges in order to concentrate on either muscular endurance (12-15 reps), muscle strength (3-5 reps) or muscle building (6-10 reps).

This sequence is repeated 3 times over in the space of the 12-week program and will show you improvements gains from week 1 to week 12 using the program.

The point of periodization programs are to prevent plateaus from occurring in strength and muscle gains amongst bodybuilders and weightlifters. They are used in order to confuse the muscle each workout by providing it with either more or less repetitions so one workout is never the same as the next in terms of the amount of repetitions used.

The research that proved the effectiveness of this program was done by Brazilian researchers who has subjects divided into 3 groups, one for undulated, linear and non periodized programs.

The results were in after the 12-week mark and the improvements in strength were quite apparent. A 60-pound increase in the bench press was made by subjects using the undulated program which was 200% more than the linear program subjects managed. Leg press strength also increased by 275 pounds which is around 400% more than the non-periodized group and 300% more than the linear group.

Overall the results are astounding and if performed in bodybuilding training fashion, serious muscle gains can be made using this program if reported strength progress is anything to go by!  A 400% and 200% discrepancy between undulated and linear periodization programs shows just how much more effective the undulated periodization program actually is.

The Top 5 exercises which should be included in this program in which strength increase can be measured are as follows:

Leg day – Squats

Chest day – Smith machine bench press

Back day – Deadlifts

Shoulders – Barbell or dumbbell shoulder press

Arms – Barbell bicep curl / close grip bench press



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