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World’s Strongest Men – Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw is the fifth man and the first American so far to feature in Keep Fit Kingdom’s World’s Strongest Men series. Standing at 6’8” with a 60 inch chest and weighing over 400lbs, he’s one of the biggest and strongest ever competitors in the history of strength. Let’s take a look at his ...

World’s Strongest Men – Eddie Hall

Since its beginnings in 1977, four British men have held the title of the World's Strongest Man. One of these men was Eddie Hall, a powerhouse from the English county of Staffordshire. A confident and charismatic man, he has built up a legion of fans and become one of the most popular strongmen ...

World’s Strongest Men – Hafthor Bjornsson

Feels like it was some time ago now, but it's only been a few weeks since the traditional Christmas-time screening of the World's Strongest Man on British TV. The 2018 winner of this popular competition was Hafthor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson, (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) making him the third man from ...

World’s Strongest Men – Jouko Ahola

This year, we’ve had a few articles on Keep Fit Kingdom which have been about the sport of strongman. With an ever-increasing amount of people participating in this tough and challenging sport, we thought we’d do a section about the World’s Strongest Man winners - perfect for motivating newcomers ...

World’s Strongest Man 2019

The World's Strongest Man competition begins today, June 13th-16th and is taking place in Bradenton, Florida (USA). With three days of qualifying rounds and the final round on Sunday June 16th, it's guaranteed to be a spectacular show. Hafthor Bjornsson will be aiming for his 2nd WSM win and will ...

5 Great Exercises Named After Strongmen

There comes a time in your training career when you need to make a good few exercise changes and routine alterations to kickstart your gains again. Seeing as we always have great fondness for writing about strongman stuff here at Keep Fit Kingdom, we thought we’d share a few exercises named after ...

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